6 hours with overnight Details

The tour will begin with a traditional tea in the Beduin village and you will leave the village of Wadi Rum to visit the Nabatieh Temple, a spectacular ruin featuring the 2000-year-old rock-coffin art. After leaving the Nabataean temple, you will stop at Shalala, before continuing to Lawrence Spring. Then you'll go to see the map. After the map, your guide will lead you to the dunes, a large collection of sand dunes that have accumulated in the mountains. It's fun to get to the top, take some pictures, and then race. The next thing you will go to is the ancient inscriptions. After seeing the inscriptions left by the ancient trade convoys, you will go to Lawrence House. Then you will go to Burdah Mountain where you can marvel at the great natural rocky bridge of the land. Then you will go to Um Frouth Rock Bridge, which you will have the opportunity to climb. Then we will take you to the small bow where you can climb for some time before heading to Khazali Canyon. Here you can walk inside to see the inscriptions. Then you will go to the camp, where you can put your things in your tent, shower, and drink Bedouin tea before watching the magnificent sunshine from the perfect view place near the camp. After sunset, enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner as well as Bedouin songs and music before you descend to your tent.


The Tour Includes:


1-Guide Speaks English.

2. Water, Tea And Lunch,




1 Person 90 JD

2- 4  Persons 65 JD per adult

5-8 Persons 60 JD per adult

More than 9 adults 55 JD per adult