4 Camel tour with overnight Details

Day 1

Start the beauty tour of the village of Wadi Rum, you and your guide will first go to Nabataen Temple. The next location you will visit will be Lawrence Spring and then you will go to Wadi Khazali, where you can walk inside to see the inscriptions. Here you can relax while preparing your lunch guide. After lunch, you will continue to ride to the Bedouin Lifestyle Camp where you can watch the beautiful sunset. After that you can enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner and Bedouin tea, as well as Bedouin music and songs. Then you will retire to your tent to rest for tomorrow's trip!


After breakfast, your guide will lead you to the Frouth Rock Bridge, which you can climb up and enjoy from the top. After that you can take a break for an hour while preparing your meal guide. After lunch, you will go to the little bridge, before returning to the camp for a beautiful sunset, another great dinner and a night at the camp.



After breakfast you will start riding with your guide to the white desert at around midday to stop for lunch. Here you can enjoy your meal and enjoy one hour. After lunch you will continue your tour of the white desert and then return to camp for another beautiful sunset and a night at the camp.



After breakfast, take a ride from the camp and head to Lawrence House. Then you will go to see the old inscriptions and red sand dunes. You will have lunch in the middle of the day and then head to the map before returning to the camp.






The Tour Includes:


1-Guide Speaks English.

2. Water, Tea And Lunch,




- 1 Person: 80 JD per day

- 2 to 4 Adults: 70 JD per adult per day

- 5 to 8 Adults: 60 JD per adult per day

- 9+ Adults: 50 JD per adult per day