2 days hike with overnight Details

Day 1:The tour starts from the village of Wadi Rum with a local guide who speaks English to the Nabataean temple and after which you will visit the waterfalls and then to Lawrence Spring and then to the Khazali Sail where you enter the Siq to see the ancient inscriptions. There you will eat lunch and drink Bedouin tea and rest for an hour and then To the small bridge where you can climb five minutes and after you will walk to the camp where you can watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy the Bedouin music under the stars and dinner Bedouin and in the morning will take you to the village by car

Note: You can reserve the beauty to return to the village camel ride price of one camel 30 dinars



Day2:After breakfast your guide will take you long distances to see Mother Frouth. There you will have lunch and take your rest in relaxation. Go to the mushroom stone and then go back to the camp and see the beautiful sunset and relax under the stars

 The Tour Includes:

1-Guide Speaks English.

2. Breakfast, Lunch, Water, Dinner, Breakfast And Tea


3-Return To The Village.


- 1 Person 190  JD

- 2 to 4 Adults 130 JD per adult

- 5 to 8 Adults 120 JD per adult

- More than 8 adults 90 JD per adult



*Kids Less Than Two Years Free

*The tour starts at 9 or 10 am If you arrive late you can take the tour in the morning

Day 2: