Jabal al Hash 1 day without overnight Details

We will take you from the village to the fragile mountain in the Bedouin area living in the desert and Khay near the Saudi Arabian border and climbing this mountain is very easy for anyone who will start walking you and your guide from the east side and we will take you from the west side in the valley of Nekra This walk in the highlands will take five hours It is the most beautiful mountain in Rum because you will see different colors of the mountains and strange rocks. When you reach the top you will eat lunch on top and rest for an hour and then walk for two hours to get off and return to the camp to see the sunset and after sunset will return to the village

The tour includes:

1-Guide speaks English.

2. Lunch ,water tea.


1 Person 100 JD

2-4 Adults 65 JD per adult

5-8 Adults 35 JD per adult

More than 8 adults 25 JD per adult


*Kids Less Than Two Years Free