Um Addami 3 days with overnight Details

Day One:

We will drive you from the village to Lawrence Spurng and then to the Khazali Sail and then to the red sand to climb and descend the sledges and then to the small bridge, which you imagine with five minutes climbing and then to the bridge of Umm Frout boarding it in 15 minutes and after the break in that area go to A break, a break, a break, a return to the Sajj and then back to the camp.




Day Two:

From the village we will call you in a 4x4 car. Upon arrival your guide will lead you to the top of Umm al-Dami Mountain. When you reach the summit you can rest for two hours and then go down. The guide will cook lunch. You can walk in this area for two hours and then return to the camp to watch the sunset. Eating dinner cheese and enjoying Bedouin music under the stars and having breakfast return to the village with the driver.


Day Three:


After After breakfast we will drive you to the village



The Tour Includes:

1-Guide Speaks English.


2. Dinner,Tea,Water,breakfast.


3-Two night on camp.


4-Return to The Village.




1 Person 275 JD per adult

2-4 persons 180 JD per adult

5-8 Persons 135 JD per adult

More than 8 persons 100 JD per adult





Kids less than two years free